Even though Canadian standards in relation to protection of human rights in every possible environment are pretty high, there are no guarantees that you will be immune from various forms of harassment at your place of work. Everybody knows what meaning the term “bullying” has. It is common to think that this term closely relates to schools, educational facilities and teenagers. Adults are presumed to be mature and educated enough to get involved in this particular behavior. Unfortunately, in the reality “workplace bullying” is hitting top charts among other forms of harassment. The study shows workplaces are growing more toxic, particularly for women, with 58% of all bullying victims being female, and that women suffer most at the hands of other women.

Why is it happening? It is common to talk about harassment and discrimination issues. Unfortunately the growing problem of workplace bullying is not addressed at the same level. Both employees and their employers are not properly educated and are not capable of handling these matters. Most victims are suffering from mental distress and face psychological hardship once they choose to go to court in order to resolve this type of a dispute.

For the reason that charges of harassment are judged objectively, and a principal of a “reasonable person’s” reaction takes place, it is crucial for a victim to comply with following steps:

  • It is imperative to have a “paper trail”. At every time of the abuse, a written response should be send to the abuser, copying the bully’s boss and human resources representative;
  • Furthermore, at every stage there should be compelling medical evidence obtained from your physician or another medical professional that clearly describes your health and psychological damage.
  • OBTAIN LEGAL ADVICE AND RETAIN A LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE to handle the dispute on your behalf.

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