One of the wisest sayings in business is that you have not really made a sale until you have the money in hand. So if having good sales practices is important for a company, having good credit and collection policies is even more important. We are sure that you are familiar with this type of problems; every business, at some time and for a variety of reasons, has trouble or fails to collect outstanding invoices. In worst-case scenario, unpaid accounts receivable can cripple or bring down a business. A much greater amount of new business must be generated to make up for the lost profits of an unpaid invoice. If the invoice is paid but late, the cash flow impact can be costly, eroding your profit margin. And remember, the longer an invoice goes unpaid, the harder it is to collect. You may not be able to escape the problem, but LegaMax Legal Services knows the steps and procedures that we can take in order to reduce your losses that arise from unpaid invoices.

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